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Zadar Riviera


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Zadar is a magnificent Mediterranean city situated on the Adriatic coast. Near Zadar you may visit national parks of Plitvice, Paklenica, Krka and Kornati, as well as Parks of nature Velebit and Telašćica. City has been significantly enlarged during the last two decades and you can visit it by walking along the coast and listening to sea-organs. Sea is particularly clean so the whole coast is a large beach ideal for sunbathing and swimming, partly pebbly and partly cemented.

City has an excellent tourist offer, numerous hotels and pensions and excellent cultural program. There is a lot to see in Zadar since there are many sights, among which: roman fore from the 1st. century, the church of Saint Donat from 9th century - the trademark of the city, a restored Romanic church of Saint Krševan from 12th century, bell-tower of Saint Mary, St. Anastasia's cathedral, public square, city walls with gates overlooking the sea and the mainland, squares with 3 and 5 wells and other numerous palaces.

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Island Ugljan

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Island of Ugljan is situated in the Zadar archipelago and it is the nearest one to the town of Zadar. The island has only seven villages among which Ugljan is the largest, having also the best geographical position. It is also the sunniest village on the island. Archeological findings confirm that Ugljan was inhabited also in prehistoric times – stone tools were found in two old caves. Liburni were the first to inhabit the island and to build the walls which are partially preserved even today. The main sources of income for the inhabitants are tourism, agriculture and fishing.

UGLJAN (Island of Ugljan)
Ugljan is a village and a port on the northern part of the island. It is connected to the mainland by a regular ferry line from Preko towards Zadar. It is known for a magnificent bay called Muline and its lovely sandy beach, the most beautiful beach on the island. Ugljan is a peaceful place so if you prefer slow life style and relaxation, it is the right place for you.

KALI (island of Ugljan)
Kali is the largest among the villages in Zadar archipelago and it is located on the south-eastern part of the island. It is known for very skilled fishermen who bring daily great amounts of fish. Kali is being visited by numerous tourists during summer so tourist offer is quite vast, as well as the accommodation and gastronomy offer. Bay of Kali is quite indented so you may find many pebbly and sandy beaches there, equipped with various facilities for sports and relaxation. Among the water sports surfing and parasailing are the most popular ones.

KUKLJICA (Island of Ugljan)
Kukljica is a small village situated on the eastern coast of the island Ugljan, in Zadar archipelago. It is the favorite destination of numerous yacht owners because of the exit towards the northern and southern coast.

LUKORAN (Island of Ugljan)
Lukoran is a village in the central part of the island Ugljan. It is surrounded by pine trees, vineyards and olive trees. It is ideal for families with children due to the peace and quite you may find here, as well as a lovely beach adjusted to children's needs. In Lukoran you can also visit restaurants and taverns which offer you excellent traditional dishes.

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Dugi Otok

taxi transfer dugi otok taxi transfer dugi otok taxi transfer dugi otok
Dugi otok is indeed a very interesting island in the Adriatic Sea, mostly because of its geographical traits and varieties. On the southern part of the island you may visit Park of nature Telašćica, three lakes and a bay Saharun which hides the most beautiful beach on the island. Other interesting sights of the island are a cave situated 70 m above the sea level and the lighthouse Veli Rat. The name of Veli otok was mentioned for the first time in 1460. From Dugi otok you can also go to Kornati and visit its National park.

BOŽAVA (Dugi otok)
Božava is a popular tourist destination on Dugi otok, known for a magnificent beach Saharun and diving school. Sea in Božava is exceptionally clear so you may enjoy exploring the sea and its natural coves. Božava is a favorite place for holiday of many yachtsmen due to its geographical position.

BRBINJ (Dugi otok)
Brbinj is a little village situated on the north-eastern coast of the island and it is inhabited by only 160 inhabitants. It is an ideal place for family holidays and relaxation since there are no hotels but only private accommodation, while the natural environment, olive trees and vineyards create a Mediterranean atmosphere. Brbinj is also known as a fishing center so you can taste the various fish specialties as well as other traditional dishes.

SALI (Dugi otok)
Sali is a little fishing resort situated near the Park of nature Telašćica. Because of the natural beauty, lovely coastline and nearby hills, Sali is also known as a tourist resort. If you prefer relaxation, peaceful environment and excellent sea food, Sali is ideal for you.

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Island Pašman

taxi transfer pasman taxi transfer pasman taxi transfer pasman
Pašman is an island situated in Zadar archipelago and it is known for magnificent sandy beaches and dense pine trees. Another interesting trait of the island is the fact that only its northern part is inhabited while the southern has only few fishing houses and numerous bays so it is ideal for those who prefer isolated places. The nature is really magnificent as well as the view on the nearby island of Kornati.

The people here go fishing or work in the fields, but in the last 20 years tourism became prominent. Since many tourists visit the island every year, there is an excellent tourist offer, good accommodation, camp-sites, pensions, restaurants and taverns. Pašman is also known for good food preparation and offer of sea-food. If you like doing sports, cycling is definitely among the most popular sports since it has good cycling tracks. If you like visiting cultural monuments, Pašman has churches and monasteries dating from medieval ages, but the city of Zadar is near so you can go there as well.

TKON (island of Pašman)
Tkon is an old village situated on the southern coast of the island. Its inhabitants have always been known as skilled fishermen. It is connected to Biograd by a regular ferry line. In Tkon you may find romantic sandy beaches and pebbly bays hidden in the pine trees.

DOBROPOLJANA (island of Pašman)
Dobropoljana is located in a lovely bay on the island of Pašman and it is connected to the mainland by a ferry line. It is located on the northern coast and inhabited by 4000 inhabitants who work mostly in the fields or go fishing. Accommodation can be found only in apartments and rooms, while gastronomy is related to the sea food and vegetables grown in the fields of this romantic village.

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taxi transfer bibinje taxi transfer bibinje taxi transfer bibinje
Bibinje is a popular tourist destination situated only 6 km from the town of Zadar and known for the largest marina on the Adriatic. In Bibinje you may find numerous apartments and rooms in private accommodation, but if you like to be surrounded by nature, you can also stay in a camp-site. Beaches in Bibinje are nicely maintained and adjusted even for little children. Here you will find numerous possibilities for doing water sports, but if you decide to go out in the evening, the best parties and concerts are organized in Zadar and Zaton.

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taxi transfer biograd taxi transfer biograd taxi transfer biograd
Biograd is a town and a port on Zadar riviera, situated only 28 km from Zadar. Its particular trait is the geographical position since it is partially situated on the peninsula and partially on the mainland. It was mentioned in the scriptures already in 10th century as a center of Croatian kings and bishops. It is also known as a place of coronation of the Croatian Hungarian king Koloman. Biograd has two magnificent sand beaches surrounded by pine trees. It has excellent nautical tourism and it is known for the best tennis courts on the Adriatic.

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taxi transfer diklo taxi transfer diklo taxi transfer diklo
Diklo is an elite tourist resort on the north-eastern coast, situated very near the town of Zadar. It is an elite destination of numerous tourists, known for lovely villas and pensions, well maintained and arranged for sport and recreation. In Diklo you can do numerous sport activities or relax on lovely beaches. Zadar is only few kilometers away so you will not miss historical and cultural sites and excellent evening programs.

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taxi transfer nin taxi transfer nin taxi transfer nin
Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town situated on a little island in Zadar Riviera. Long ago, it was the center of a parish in which the bishop Grgur Ninski tried in 10th century to implement the use of the Glagolitic alphabet for lithurgic services. It is also known for therapeutic mud and numerous long sandy beaches isolated from the traffic. Nin is a famous resort ideal for all age groups.

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Mali Iž

taxi transfer mali iz taxi transfer mali iz taxi transfer mali iz
Mali Iž is a village in Zadar riviera, situated on the northern coast of the island and connected to the mainland by regular ferry lines. Mali Iž has less then 200 inhabitants but it is a favourite destination of all who prefer peaceful holidays, miles from the city centers. Lovers of nature and diving will find many interesting locations for exploration since Iž is surrounded by 10 islets and cliffs. National park Kornati is nearby as well.

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taxi transfer pakostane taxi transfer pakostane taxi transfer pakostane
Pakoštane is situated between the sea and the Park of nature. It is a resort known for its natural surroundings. Pakoštane can offer you numerous recreation facilities as well as the possibility to visit national parks nearby. Accommodation can be found mostly in private apartments, pensions and camp-sites. If you like eating out, you may find restaurants and taverns with excellent traditional specialties.

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taxi transfer petrcane taxi transfer petrcane taxi transfer petrcane
Petrčane is a little but popular tourist destination situated north-east from Zadar. It is known for excellent tourist offer, good summer programme and evening happenings. One of the most popular events is certainly the Garden festival when numerous tourists pour in. That is the time when guests always look for an extra room. Beaches are mostly pebbly, and if you like sports then there are plenty of opportunities for it. If you decide to go out in the evening, we recommend you the club Saturnus in the nearby village called Zaton.

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taxi transfer privlaka taxi transfer privlaka taxi transfer privlaka
Privlaka is a little place near Zadar in beautiful and peaceful bay ideal for children and relaxation. Nearby you will find interesting tourist destinations, National park Kornati and the town of Zadar which offers excellent summer program for its guest and numerous cultural and historical sights.

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Starigrad Paklenica

taxi transfer starigrad paklenica taxi transfer starigrad paklenica taxi transfer starigrad paklenica
Starigrad Paklenica is a tourist destination in Zadar riviera and it is known for pebbly beaches which spread for kilometers. In the vicinity you will find mountain Velebit and Park of nature Paklenica which are ideal for recreation and exploration of nature and speleology. Accommodation can be found in apartments and rooms or hotels which also organize evening happenings until the early morning hours. Zadar and Zaton are nearby with an excellent summer program and evening manifestations.

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Sv. Filip i Jakov

taxi transfer sv filip jakov taxi transfer sv filip jakov taxi transfer sv filip jakov
Sveti Filip and Jakov is a little romantic place situated between the cities of Zadar and Biograd na moru. It has lovely hidden, peaceful coves with sandy and pebbly beaches. Sveti Filip and Jakov have a long history since it was inhabited even a thousand years B.C. by Liburnians. It is ideal for family holiday as well for the lovers of history. Here you may also visit Park Borelli and the remains of a Benedictine castle in Rogov.

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taxi transfer silba taxi transfer silba taxi transfer silba
Silba is an island on the riciera of Zadar, special for its genuine, natural surroundings, intact nature and healthy life style. Vehicles are not allowed on the island – there are no cars or motors, but only tractors which can be used exclusively one hour before and after the arrival of the ferry boat. Silba is known for dense woods - a natural habitat of hares, and clear sea which is often visited by dolphins. It is the right place for vacation and relaxation, while the accommodation can be found only in private houses, apartments and rooms.

Silba was mentioned already in the writings of Konstantin Porfirogenet in the Xth century. Among the most important sites is Toreta – a hexagonal tower with external spiral stairs. It is about 15 m high and it serves as a viewpoint from which you have a magnificent view on the nearby islands and archipelago. There are also 7 white chapels which mark the Way of the Cross and Vrh – the highest peak of the island.

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taxi transfer zaton taxi transfer zaton taxi transfer zaton
Zaton is a little tourist resort near the city of Zadar. It is a rather popular and visited destination. Its old part consists of the village houses and other little inhabitations made of stone, while the new part is a tourist village with a long beach (1.5 km). Zaton offers many facilities for athletes and lovers of sport in general, but also for those who just want to relax in its peaceful coves.

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