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Split, Trogir and Omiš riviera


taxi transfer split taxi transfer split taxi transfer split
Split is the largest Dalmatian city, the second-largest urban centre in Croatia, and the seat of Split-Dalmatia County. The city is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, more specifically on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, spreading over a central peninsula and its surroundings, with its metropolitan area including the many surrounding seaside towns as well. An intraregional transport hub, the city is a link to the numerous surrounding Adriatic islands and the Apennine peninsula, as well as a popular tourist destination. Split is also one of the oldest cities in the area, and is traditionally considered just over 1,700 years old, while archaeological research relating to the ancient Greek colony of Aspálathos establishes the city as being several hundred years older. Split is situated on a peninsula between the eastern part of the Gulf of Kaštela and the Split Channel. The Marjan hill (178 m), rises in the western part of the peninsula. The ridges Kozjak (779 m) and Mosor (1339 m) protect the city from the north and northeast, and separate it from the hinterland.

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7 Kaštela

taxi transfer kastela taxi transfer kastela taxi transfer kastela
Kaštela are situated in the area between the ruins of the ancient Salona and the outskirts of Trogir, from the sea-coast up to the hills of Mount Kozjak. Villages are situated along the coast of the bay Kastela. Here you can find ruins of ancient habitations that date even to prehistoric times. After the Greek had founded their colony on the island of Vis (Issa) they founded Trogir (Tragurion) and Epetion (Stobreč). They cultivated the land, planted grapes and olive trees which even today prevail in the fields. Because of the invasion of Turks, they built strong fortresses to protect the population and the estates of the aristocrats from Split and Trogir. Around these fortresses, people started to build villages typical for Mediterranean region –low houses with only one or two floors, balconies and taverns and narrow streets. Road between Split and Trogir was almost in the same place as it is today by zhe name – te roa of dr. Franjo Tuđman. Meanwhile, 7 villages of Kastela were created: Kaštel Sućurac, Kaštel Gomilica, Kaštel Kambelovac, Kaštel Lukšić, Kaštel Stari, Kaštel Novi i Kaštel Štafilić.

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Arbanija (Island of Čiovo)

taxi transfer arbanija taxi transfer arbanija taxi transfer arbanija
Arbanija is a small but a well-known tourist village situated on a lovely island of Čiovo which is connected to the Town of Trogir by a bridge. The whole island is known for its beaches, pine woods and numerous little villages. Arbanija is an ideal place for vacation for families who wish to enjoy all the facilities of the tourist offer, but also to keep their privacy and relax in distant and secluded coves.

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taxi transfer duce taxi transfer duce taxi transfer duce
Duće is situated near the city of Omiš, along the coast, in the bottom of the mountain range of Mosor. Long ago it had been a part of the famous republic of Poljica governed by a Count according to the rules of Statute of Poljica. Such historical heritage has left its particular influence on this region that prouds itself on the well preserved rural architecture. All the villages in the area have shallow sandy beaches, ideal for little children, as well as a large number of apartments and campsites. One can find numerous restaurants and bars along the shore, which is one of the reasons why Duće is the favourite beach of the youth of Split.

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Dugi rat

taxi transfer dugi rat taxi transfer dugi rat taxi transfer dugi rat
Dugi Rat is a village located on the Adriatic coast between Split and Omiš, along the Adriatic highway, 15 km south-east from Split and 5 km west from Omiš. Its beaches are an excellent choice for families with little children, as well as for lovers of water sports like sailing, surfing and water skiing. The vicinity of Dalmatian cities guaranties good entertainment for all those who wish to spend evening hours listening to the music, concerts or observing other cultural manifestations.

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Krilo Jasenice

taxi transfer krilo jasenice taxi transfer krilo jasenice taxi transfer krilo jasenice
Krilo Jesenice is a small village with private houses situated 15 km south from Split. It has many little pebbly beaches, while beaches in front of the houses are mostly made of concrete. It is an ideal place for vacation for families with children since there is a recreational park as well. Krilo Jesenice has its charm because of its history and location, but if you prefer going out in the evenings, city of Omis and Split are very near. If you are fond of sports, you can visit the canyon of river Cetina and do the rafting or trekking.

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Lokva rogoznica

taxi transfer lokva rogoznica taxi transfer lokva rogoznica taxi transfer lokva rogoznica
Lokva Rogoznica is a tourist village located on Makarska riviera, known for lovely pebbly beaches. It is a quiet place with family houses exactly half-way from Split and Omiš – 28 km in both directions. Beaches in Lokva Rogoznica are mostly pebbly, but there are few little sandy beaches as well. This little village has all the necessary facilities for a good family vacation, where you can find a post-office, shop and restaurants.

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Marina (Trogir)

taxi transfer marina taxi transfer marina taxi transfer marina
Marina is a tourist resort and a port, located within the bay of the same name, 12 km east from Trogir. In its bay one can find numerous coves and lagoons with sandy and pebbly beaches. It is situated on the highway M2, E65. During strong winds small boats can find their shelter there, whereas larger ones will find safety on the end of the bay, south from the Mount Plokat. There are 140 ties for the boats in the sea and about 100 places on the shore. Athletes and fans of sports can sail, dive, fish or rent a boat or a yacht.

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taxi transfer medici taxi transfer medici taxi transfer medici
Medici is a little Dalmatian resort with a tourist tradition, located by the sea, 10 km from Omiš and 26 km from Makarska. One can enjoy in numerous sport activities, visit nearby excursion sites and get acquainted with cultural and historical heritage of this region. Lovers of evening entertainment can find in Omiš and Makarska night clubs and bars that will meet their expectations. Medići is known for magnificent pebbly beaches and high-quality accommodation.

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Miševac (Island of Čiovo)

taxi transfer misevac taxi transfer misevac taxi transfer misevac
Miševac is a tourist resort, situated on the island of Čiovo and very near to the ancient city of Trogir. It is known for sandy and shallow beaches. Bays like Duga,Tatinja and Movarštica are beautiful places for rest but also for water sports and fishing underwater. The whole area attracts tourists since it is a historical site together with the city of Trogir. The only place for going out in Miševac are the taverns which offer Croatian specialties, but Trogir and Split will meet all your expectations regarding entertainment.

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taxi transfer nemira taxi transfer nemira taxi transfer nemira
Nemira is located few hundred meters from the highway and 3 km from Omiš, in the direction of Makarska. Distance from heavy traffic and noise makes it an ideal place for family vacation. There are two charming pebbly beaches and sea is crystal clear. In Nemira you can find a tourist agency, two shops, restaurants, a pizzeria and coffee shops. If you like going out in the evenings, then you will find an excellent entertainment in Omiš, Split and Makarska. Nemira is the right choice for all those who prefer peace, comfortable atmosphere and pebbly beaches shadowed by pines.

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Okrug Donji and Okrug Gornji (Island of Čiovo)

taxi transfer okrug taxi transfer okrug taxi transfer okrug
Okrug Donji is a lovely tourist resort on the island of Čiovo, connected with the city of Trogir with a movable bridge. It is situated 40km from Split and it is known for magnificent beaches and numerous coves. It is an ideal place for holiday, especially for families with children that prefer peace and quiet during the evenings, although the proximity of Trogir guarantees an excellent summer program, concerts and cultural events during the whole season. If you are keen on sports, you can also find numerous possibilities for sport activities on the water as well. If you do not have all the equipment, you can rent it right on the spot.

Okrug Gornji is an ideal tourist destination for families with children. Situated 30 km from Split, it is connected with the town of Trogir by a movable bridge. It is a popular destination of numerous tourists because of the quiet, tranquility, magnificent nature as well as sandy and shallow beaches ideal for small children. For all the lovers of night life, theatre street performances, concerts and music, nearby Trogir will not fail to meet the expectations of most demanding visitors.

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taxi transfer omis taxi transfer omis taxi transfer omis
Omis is a town known for its tempestuous history. It had been ruled by pirates who, thanks to its geographical position, governed the Adriatic Sea. Venice fought fiercely to conquer it, but their resistance was such that even the Pope declared a war against them in 1444. Still, Omis pirates were not overpowered although the Turks (who were major conquerors at the time) were also threatening from the inland. Omis was protected by high walls and the best preserved monument of the time is the church of St. Peter, built in 10th century.

Geographically, Omis is situated 20 km form Split, in a magnificent canyon of the river Cetina. In summer, numerous tourists come because of its sandy beaches, but also because of the river Cetina and many different activities like canyoning and rafting. Canyoning is a very popular sport which includes walking, climbing the rocks, swimming in the river and jumping, while rafting includes coming down the river in a rubber dinghy with the assistance of an instructor. There is a possibility of taking riding classes in Sinj where traditionally Sinjska Alka takes place every year in August. It is a competition of horseback riders in the honor of the victory over the Turks.

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taxi transfer ostrvica taxi transfer ostrvica taxi transfer ostrvica
Ostrvica is a village near Omis, situated in the canyon of river Cetina and the regular destination during excursions in Cetina region.

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taxi transfer pisak taxi transfer pisak taxi transfer pisak
Pisak is a tourist and fishing village which dates back to the 16th century. It is an ideal place for lovers of nature and fishing as well as water sports. You can rent a boat and explore nearby beaches or do underwater fishing. Pisak has numerous pebbly and sandy beaches ideal for children. There are also restaurants, a small market place and a fish market. If you like to go out in the evening, then you can visit the city of Omis which has a very good summer program.

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taxi transfer podstrana taxi transfer podstrana taxi transfer podstrana
Podstrana is a tourist village and a resort near Split. It has rich vegetation and clear sea in a picturesque and ecologically preserved environment, ideal for a getaway from everyday life. Podstrana is situated only 8 km from Split and its Riviera is formed out of places like Strožanac, Grljevac, Sveti Martin and Mutogras, all situated along the shore, near the Adriatic highway which leads to Omiš. Airport Resnik is near the city of Trogir and it is 25 km from Podstrana. Community of Podstrana spreads along the coast in the direction northwest –southeast, from the lower course of the river Žrnovnica to the hill Mutogras, while its width is up to the mountain Perun. From Podstrana you can have a wonderful panoramic view at the sea and the island of Brač It spreads for 6 km along the coast and there are pebbly and sandy beaches with pine trees and tamarisk trees.

This region had been inhabited by Greek population already in 1.century AD which confirmed the findings on the hill of Mutogras. Later, the Illyric tribe called Pituntin occupies this area until the invasion of Avars and Slavs in the 7th century which roman historian Polonius Sr. mentions in his writings. In the past, this region has been a battlefield between Croats and Venetians because of the dominance on the sea, and then with the Turks and later the French in the 19th century. In the church of Saint Martin one can find relics of a sarcophagus of a roman general Artorius Castus which is thought to be the legendary king Arthur. He had the right of the sword – the right to decide about someone's life or death and enjoyed the estates in Podstrana where even today one can find the remnants of roman colonies.

There are many findings which confirm the turbulent history of Podstrana, especially the ones near the church of Saint Martin where the relics of medieval graves, gravestones from 1.century AD and remains of the church of Saint George have been found. Nowadays, inhabitants are still involved with agriculture (olives, peach plantations, vineyards...) and tourism. About 2000 families in this region work in tourist business. Podstrana has a very good tourist offer – a large number of family hotels, pensions and private apartments so altogether, there are about 1900 registered sleeping places. Due to its geographical position, guests can choose among various facilities: walking tracks, climbing or cycling, rafting, golf, visiting historical sights and going to excursions to nearby excursion sites.

On the beach one can practice diving, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing and parasailing. Daily excursions, horse riding in the Cetina region (30 km away) and fish picnics can be organized as well. After demanding sport activities, guests can taste an excellent gastronomic offer of national and international dishes and wines in numerous taverns, restaurants, pizzerias and bars. Nightlife in Podstrana takes place mainly in cocktail beach bars. The vicinity of the city of Split and Omiš offers various possibilities to all those who want to explore the night life. „Le Meridien Hotel – Lav” situated in Podstrana can offer you sauna, swimming pools, casino, disco club „In motion“, wellness center...

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taxi transfer poljica taxi transfer poljica taxi transfer poljica
Poljica is a name of a region situated on the east from Split and it spreads from Žrnovnica to Blato on Cetina and Omiš. It consists of places like Žrnovnica, Srinjine, Sitno Donje and Sitno Gornje, then Dubrava, Tugare, Srijane, Naklice,Čisla and Gata that were under the same autonomy in the 13th century until the arrival of the french general Marmont. It was presided by a count which was elected annually. The most significant proof of this culture makes is the Code of Poljica.

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Seget donji

taxi transfer seget donji taxi transfer seget donji taxi transfer seget donji
Seget Donji is situated near the city of Trogir and it dates back to 16th century when a nobleman from Trogir decided to build there a tower. It has a particular rectangular shape and it is entirely positioned by the situated, while Seget Gornji is situated inlands were numerous medieval boards were found. This is an ideal place for relax, fishing and diving.

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Seget Vranjica

taxi transfer seget vranjica taxi transfer seget vranjica taxi transfer seget vranjica
Seget Vranjica is a village located 5 km from Trogir and only 8 km from the airport Resnik. It is a tourist location distinguished by Mediterranean flora and numerous small pebbly and stone beaches. There are many islets nearby than can be visited during one-day excursions, while restaurants and taverns offer an excellent choice of food specialties. Seget Vranjica is ideal for families with children but is also an ideal starting point for all those who wish to visit nearby places and enjoy the experience of night life in Trogir and Split.

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taxi transfer sevid taxi transfer sevid taxi transfer sevid
Sevid is a tourist village near Trogir, ideal for families with children as well for those who prefer peace and quiet. It is known for its beautiful beaches and clear sea and it is the favorite location for sailors who like to rest in its coves. The vicinity of Trogir, Primošten and Split offers numerous historical sights for the lovers of art as well as night life to make their stay unforgettable.

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Slatine (Čiovo)

taxi transfer slatine taxi transfer slatine taxi transfer slatine
Slatine is a location situated on the island of Ciovo, only 7 km from the city of Trogir. It is a small port but also an ideal place for all those who like to get away from the frenzy of the city life. Olive trees, vineyards and lovely pebbly and rocky beaches are the most characteristic traits of this tourist destination.

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taxi transfer stobrec taxi transfer stobrec taxi transfer stobrec
Stobreč is a historical town, built on the grounds of an ancient village Epetion, on the peninsula situated 5 km from Split. Fort Klis is few km away –one of the most beautiful and significant sites of defense against the Turks. Canyon Cetina is also near, only 20 km away, and it is ideal for walks and sport activities. Stobreč is also a popular destination for campers because of the long sandy beach and excellent food offer. There are many restaurants and bars, ideal for evening walks along the shore, while the vicinity of Split and Omis offers numerous possibilities for evening entertainment.

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taxi transfer stanici taxi transfer stanici taxi transfer stanici
Stanići is a little but extremely popular destination on the Croatian coast, interesting to tourists world wide because of its beauty, geographical position and magnificent pebbly beaches. It is ideal for relaxation and families with children, and the only disadvantage is that there are only 2 shops. The guests in that case need to go to the town of Omis, situated only 1o km away, in case they have any extra demands. Thanks to its particular geographical position similar to cascades, visitors can enjoy a magnificent view on the sea and the island of Brač. All the apartments in Stanici are new and modern and the owners kind and friendly.

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taxi transfer sumpetar taxi transfer sumpetar taxi transfer sumpetar
Sumpetar is a village on Omis riviera that spreads over only 15 km2. Its history dates back to the period of the Republic of Poljica, since it was one of its constituents. It is situated 15 km from Split and it is known for a magnificent sandy beach called Duće, which spreads for 4km.

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taxi transfer trogir taxi transfer trogir taxi transfer trogir
Trogir was named after the Greek word tragos which means goat, since there were many in the region. It was inhabited by Greeks already in the 3 century before Christ. There are many monuments that date back to the period of the Greek colonization, the most important of which is Kairos – a divinity of good moment, from 3 century BC. Later, Romans inhabited the city until the foundation of the Croatian state in the 9th century when Trogir gained its autonomy and kept it until the arrival of the Venetians in the 15th century.

Trogir is also called city-monument because it kept its medieval core as well as numerous sights like Saint Laurence's cathedral, doorway of Radovan, Dominican convent, Duke’s court from 13th century, collection of works of art from 15th century and a statue of Saint John, protector of the city.

Trogir is under the protection of UNESCO and it is a popular destination of many tourists because of its beauty, significant history and interesting geographical position (it is situated on a small island connected to the mainland by a movable bridge). There are many nearby beaches as well as a good summer program in the evenings which will occupy the interest of every visitor.

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taxi transfer vinisce taxi transfer vinisce taxi transfer vinisce
Vinisce is a village on the Riviera of Trogir, situated in a beautiful cove known for its sandy beaches. It is an ideal place for vacation and relaxation, but also an ideal location for fishermen and explorers of the sea. Vinisce is a place with restaurants, pizzerias and shops and it is ideal for families with children as well for people who like to relax in a naturally preserved environment.

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Žedno (Čiovo)

taxi transfer zedno taxi transfer zedno taxi transfer zedno
Žedno is a very small village located on the mainland of the island of Ciovo and it has only 110 inhabitants. Island of Ciovo is connected to the city of Trogir by a movable bridge and it is an ideal place for the rest from everyday city life. Žedno is known for its little church of Saint Mauro which dates back to 4th century BC.

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