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Šibenik Riviera


taxi transfer sibenik taxi transfer sibenik taxi transfer sibenik
Šibenik is the oldest town on our coast, located on the central part of Croatian Adriatic coast, in a scenic, indented bay, at the Krka river mouth. It is situated on the hillsides in the north of the bay, and it is surrounded by the fortresses Saint Michael, Saint John, and Subicevac. In the old part of the town, the houses are made of stone and are closely built, and the streets are narrow and crooked with lots of steps and vaulted passages. Every year, The Klapa Music Nights are held in the second half of August. The entire event enfolds on a beautiful square surrounded by old stone houses, in the old town of Sibenik.

Šibenik's Town Museum is open all year. It has occasional and standing exhibitions. It is located in the former Prince's Palace by the Cathedral of Saint Jacob. You should also visit Art Gallery of Saint Grisogono. The gallery exhibits the works of modern Croatian artists.

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taxi transfer primosten taxi transfer primosten taxi transfer primosten
Primošten is a beautiful and irresistible small town between Šibenik and Split. Primošten was built on an islet which is connected with the land by a bridge, and it has developed itself into a well-known summer resort which has something for everybody. You will surely be delighted by its long pebble beach and wild high rocks, which precipitate to the sea, as well as by the walking paths around the old town walls.

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taxi transfer tribunj taxi transfer tribunj taxi transfer tribunj
Tribunj, founded in the 16th century, is placed on a small peninsula 15 km from Šibenik on a very beautiful part of the Riviera. Since Tribunj has the most fishing boats in central Dalmatia, its waterfront, upon the return of fishermen, resembles a large market place where you can buy recently caught fish and other seafood. There are several swimming areas and bays in Tribunj and its surroundings, while the bay of Sovlja is definitely the most beautiful one. The pebble beaches are great for families with children, while sports enthusiasts have a wide range of sporting activities at their disposal: tennis, boccia, 5-a-side soccer, basketball, diving courses, sailing and underwater safari. Several traditional festivals, local festivities and entertainment events take place in the summer in Tribunj.

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taxi transfer rogoznica taxi transfer rogoznica taxi transfer rogoznica
Rogoznica, a small Mediterranean tourist destination close to Primošten and 25 km south of Šibenik, is placed in a wide bay. Rogoznica is frequently visited by boaters because of Frapa marina, considered to be one of the most beautiful and safest in this part of the Adriatic. Rogoznica's many pebble beaches and several rocky beaches are surrounded by pine trees. Rogoznica is traditionally a fishing settlement and visitors can buy recently caught fish. Local festivals, taking place in August - Ribarska noc (Fisherman's Night) and Noc Rogoznice (Rogoznica Night) - attract many visitors including those from Split and Šibenik. Due to its indented coastline and other sports facilities, Rogoznica is perfect for water sports as well as other activities.

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taxi transfer skradin taxi transfer skradin taxi transfer skradin
Skradin is a beautiful small town in the hinterland of Dalmatia, 16 km away from Šibenik. This town with rich historical heritage, mentioned in the 6th century already, was the main town of the Illyrian tribe Liburni. If you chose it for the place of your holidays, you will enjoy its interesting and beautiful facilities.

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taxi transfer vodice taxi transfer vodice taxi transfer vodice
Vodice is a town 12 km northwest from Šibenik. If you like dynamic and event filled vacation, you have found the right spot. Vodice is well known for its lively tourist offering, entertainment events and hospitable locals. They will await you as dear friends, while the natural peacefulness of the beaches and quiet coves will offer you a well-deserved rest. Vodice awaits you!

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taxi transfer brodarica taxi transfer brodarica taxi transfer brodarica
Brodarica is situated on the part of the gentle shore between Šibenik and Primošten, opposite the picturesque Šibenik Archipelago. Rediscover yourselves in the calm of this little place which keeps the blessings of the intact nature - its beaches and clear sea. The islet of Krapanj lies opposite Brodarica, and its inhabitants have engaged in sponge harvesting for centuries. See how they do it...

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taxi transfer grebastica taxi transfer grebastica taxi transfer grebastica
Grebaštica is situated 15 km away from Šibenik. It is a small tourist destination consisting of family houses and pensions that lies in the bay of the same name on a part of the coast which is well-indented. The bay is covered with Mediterranean vegetation. Besides its main beach, it has several pebble beaches in smaller bays that you will discover if you head north to Vela Oštrica peninsula. There are several restaurants that serve Dalmatian specialties in Grebaštica, while you can buy home grown vegetables and fish from the locals who traditionally live off of agriculture and fishing.

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Island Murter

taxi transfer murter taxi transfer murter taxi transfer murter
Murter is a place on the northern part of the island of the same name that belongs to the Šibenik Archipelago. The island is connected to the mainland by bridge in Tisno. Murter is located between two bays; the bay of Hramina where there is a marina and the bay of Slanica where there is a swimming beach. Murter is also known as a starting point for trips to Kornati National Park. Numerous restaurants serve Dalmatian specialties and several festivities take place in August.

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Island Kaprije

taxi transfer kaprije taxi transfer kaprije taxi transfer kaprije
The island Kaprije with its complete areas of 9,67 km2 is situated in the middle part of the Šibenik Archipelago. The name of the island originates from the name of a spice and a mediterranean plant kapar. The inhabitants are mostly engaged in breeding grapes and olives, but they are great fishermen also, and lately they are also recognized as wonderful hosts.

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Island Krapanj

taxi transfer krapanj taxi transfer krapanj taxi transfer krapanj
Krapanj is an islet in the Šibenik archipelago and is divided from the coast by a 300 meter wide channel that can be crossed by daily boat lines from Brodarica. This smallest and lowest settled island on the Adriatic is covered with forest, underbrush and grass, while its inhabitants have been upholding the sponge diving tradition for centuries. If you are looking for a quiet holiday in a place with diverse restaurants, Krapanj is the right destination for you. The pebble beaches are suitable for children's play, while bays and beaches nearby can be explored by a boat.

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Island Prvić

taxi transfer prvic taxi transfer prvic taxi transfer prvic
Prvić Luka is a place on the island of Prvić which is situated in front of the town of Šibenik, and belongs to the Šibenik Archipelago. This small place, inhabited from the 15th century is the home of the famous Faust Vrančić, the world-known constructor of the parachute. The vicinity of the land on the one hand and the Šibenik islands on the other makes Prvić Luka an attractive summer resort and one of those places for which it is said that they have a "soul".

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Island Žirje

taxi transfer zirje taxi transfer zirje taxi transfer zirje
The island of Žirje is the most distant island on the Šibenik archipelago. It is a famous fishermen settlement and fishing area. Due to its distance from land but also because of its ferry connection to land, Žirje is an appealing destination for people who whish to spend a peaceful holiday. Ferries connect the island of Žirje with the island of Kaprije and Šibenik.

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