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Rijeka Crikvenica Senj Opatija

Rijeka and Crikvenica riviera


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Rijeka and Crikvenica Riviera are situated on the North of the Adriatic coast. The most important centers in the region are Rijeka, Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski and Senj. These towns all have significant cultural heritage, while tourism and lovely locations offer numerous possibilities for sport activities and exploration of nature. In Rijeka, one can go hunting as well since various types of wildlife have settled there. Lovers of history will find here numerous places for sightseeing, monuments, cathedrals and fortresses a well as National park Risnjak. Around the town of Rijeka one may visit also the walls that once protected the city from the invaders. Novi Vinodolski is also known for a city center called Novljan which represented the center of old Croatian aristocratic families in the 13th century – Zrinski and Frankopan.

Lovers of sport and adventure have numerous possibilities like rafting on Kupa, fishing in river Gacka, hiking, hunting, cycling, diving and tennis. Region is known for exquisite traditional specialties like scamps in vine, Frankopan cake, cooked fish and batuda – a traditional dish meal of beans, corn and meat.

The history of Rijeka dates back to the period of Celtic tribes which inhabited the area. It is believed that its first name was Tarsa which in Celtic means – a hill near the river. During the period of roman dominion the city was named Trsatica. In the 8th century the region was populated by the Croatians and they had formed a new settlement called REKA (Rika) with towers, streets and squares. 17th century is the beginning of prosperity when the city became a center of art, trade and education. Jesuit gymnasium was founded then and it was the first one on the Adriatic. Rijeka was almost 3 centuries under the reign of Austrian monarchy, until 1918. Its influence significantly contributed to its development, architecture, education and art. During the walk along the town you will find many interesting sights among which the best known are Municipal palace, Dominican monastery, governor’s palace, palace of the court and the remnants of the antique Castrum.

Kraljevica is a town near Rijeka, only 26 km towards the south. It is the favorite tourist destination due to the interesting geographical position and magnificent sandy and pebbly beaches. It is one of the newer towns on the Adriatic, but still, it is an important tourist destination and a port where ships are being built. Kraljevica is surrounded by pine woods where a camp-site is located. It is an ideal place for people with respiratory difficulties due to particularly clean air which streams from the nearby mountains and rich vegetation. Kraljevica is a popular tourist site that offers many facilities to its guests: sports activities like sailing, diving and other sports activities, while good summer program is just one part of the excellent tourist offer of this lovely Mediterranean town.

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Town of Crikvenica got its name after the church built by a Croatian nobleman Nikola Frankopan in 1412. Crikvenica has a great climate and more than 2500 hours of sun. Beaches are pebbly and sandy, but some are cemented as well. Since it is a relatively peaceful town, it is ideal for families with children and all those who prefer more peaceful destinations for spending their holidays. If you wish to go out in the evening, you will find many bars in Crikvenica but also visit some of the nearby places.

Selce is a little tourist resort situated in the bay, only 3 km from Crikvenica. It is known for a lovely sandy beach situated in the center, while in the vicinity there is a camp-site and lovely pebbly beach. Selce has a long tourist history so it can offer its guests numerous possibilities – excellent accommodation, recreational camps and equipment for water sports. Selce is a nice Mediterranean village where you will mostly hear traditional Dalmatian songs and partake in folk festivities, but if you prefer different rhythms, Crikvenica offers various possibilities for all tastes.

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Already in the Antique period, this town was mentioned in the scriptures of the Greek and Roman historians under the name of Senia. Due to its geographical position under the mountains of Velebit, cold northern winds blow here during winter time. During summer guests can relax on a nicely arranged central beach or visit the bay Spasovac and few smaller beaches nearby. During summer numerous cultural manifestations take place here, while in winter, carnival evenings are being organized. Senj is an ideal place for sports, especially if you like hiking and cycling.

Novi Vinodolski
Novi Vinodolski is an important tourist destination, located 9 km from Crikvenica, towards the town of Zadar. It is known for a magnificent sandy beach surrounded by pine trees and lovely pathways. The beach is ideal also for very little children so in summer you can see here many families with children. Novi Vinodolski is a famous historical destination since it was a center of an old Croatian noble family of Frankopan already in the 14th century. It is the favorite destination of numerous tourists due to the Mediterranean atmosphere – little stone houses, old villas and lovely pathways. Restaurants and taverns offer traditional dishes, while in summer numerous manifestations take place among which the International summer carnival is the most popular one.

Karlobag is a little town situated 42 km along the coast, under the mountain Velebit. Due to the proximity of the mountains and the sea, Karlobag has always been known as an excellent location for those who search for a fusion of Mediterranean climate and the winter tourism. This is a town you may visit the whole year round, especially if you like winter sports... Namely, it takes about 5 minutes drive to get to Baška Oštarija which is about a thousand meters high. Karlobag is not crowded – it is populated by about thousand inhabitants, but visited by numerous tourists during the whole year round.

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Opatija is a famous tourist resort and a favorite destination of many celebrities. Here you can find numerous hotels built in the 19th century and some of them are very luxurious. Opatija will very soon become the town on the Adriatic with the most high-category hotels. Besides hotels here are also luxurious villa and family hotels. View spreads on nearby islands Krk and Cres and the bay of Kvarner. Opatija is also a place where Radio festival and Dora – national contest for the best European song take place.

Ićići is a well-known nautical center with about 340 berths in the sea and on the land. Place is dominated by a large ACI Marina that gained a highly- renowned prize called the Blue flag. There is also a magnificent long beach where you can do various water sports, dive or play tennis and go climbing. Night life is in Opatija, situated only few km away.

Lovran started to become a tourist resort at about the same time as Opatija – in the 19th century. At that time the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy started to build exclusive hotels and luxury villas. Lovran represents a fusion of history and modern architecture and it is a favorite destination of many celebrities. In Lovran there is a custom of cultivating autochthonic agrarian cultures like cherries and chestnuts. In Lovran there are two beaches in the centre and other smaller ones around the coast. Lovran is also known as a treatment center already during the reign of Austrian and Hungarian government.

Matulji is located in the inland of the Istrian peninsula so it has no exit to the sea, but it is very near to Opatija so excellent entertainment and numerous summer happenings take place only 2 km away. Matulji is a small village, ideal for those keen on sports like cycling and climbing since the slopes of Učka are very near. Hosts are very kind and friendly and they will readily offer you accommodation and some of the traditional specialties. It is a particular experience to be here during the carnival festivities when the bell bearers gather here dressed in traditional costumes and announce with a particular kind of ringing the arrival of spring.

Medveja is a little tourist resort near Lovran which is during summer visited by numerous guests, mostly families with children. The main reason is that Medveja is a very calm and secure place where children can play carelessly. Here you can find a camp-site and a magnificent pebbly beach. Shops and restaurants are situated along the shore, while in the evening the entertainment takes place mostly in beach bars.

Mošćenićka Draga
Mošćenićka Draga is a lovely tourist resort situated on Opatija Rivera, only 15 km from Opatija. It counts about 800 inhabitants but during summer this number drastically increases due to arrival of foreign and native tourists. Even the citizens of nearby cities use to visit Mošćenićka Draga since it has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. The place can also offer a significant number of private accommodations, while in summer fishing boats arrive daily carrying a large variety of fish.

Volosko is a little fishing village, only 1 km from Opatija. It is particular for the stone houses, very closely constructed and two lighthouses. You will see in the port numerous fishing nets while on the coast you can visit restaurants and taverns were Dalmatian songs are sung until the early morning hours. Volosko is known for the painting contest Mandrać which takes place in the end of summer.

Sveta Jelena
Sveta Jelena is a rural area that consists of few small villages, 4-5 houses each. Here you can find a church built in 17th century – a simple chapel in front of which once was a graveyard.

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