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taxi transfer istria taxi transfer istria taxi transfer istria
Istra is the largest peninsula on the Adriatic and it has a surface of 3.476 km2. Most of its territory belongs to the Republic of Croatia, while a very small part of it belongs to the Republic of Italy. The coast in front of the bay of Kopar and a part of the bay of Piran belong to Slovenia. The Istrian coast together with the island and its islets has 539 m of longitude. Western coast is more indented and it is about 327 m long. Eastern coast is together with the islets about 212 km long and there are many coves, deep bays and river deltas. In front of the coast of Rovinj and Poreč you can see islands of Brijuni. Istria got its name after the Illyrian tribe called Histri which inhabited the area. Romans conquered Istria only after two invasions, about 177.b.C. During the centuries, Istria was in contact with three great European cultures: Slavic, Roman and German. Francs, Venetians, Austrians and Italians who occupied the region made a significant impact on the present culture.

Istria is influenced by Mediterranean climate so summers are dry and warm while the winters are mild, but the climate gradually changes towards the mainland so it becomes more continental because of the cold air from the mountains and Alps. Due to its geographical position, Istria has always represented a bridge which connected the Middle-European area with the Mediterranean.


taxi transfer pula taxi transfer pula taxi transfer pula
Pula is the largest town in Istria situated on the south-western coast of the peninsula. It has a well-protected port and it spreads over 7 surrounding hills: Kaštel, Zaro, Arena, Sv. Martin, Opatija, St. Mihovil, Mondipola and Pra Grande. The town history begins with the Roman Empire. Confirmation of this is the roman amphitheatre. Pula got its name from Latin Pietas Iulia. Due to its geographical position Pula has become an important tourist destination. It has an excellent tourist offer – guests can enjoy the Mediterranean climate, well-preserved nature, cultural heritage and very good transport connections. You can choose accommodation among a large number of hotels, apartments and pensions. In the outskirts there are also camping-sites and holiday resorts for children. Popular destinations in its vicinity are Duga Uvala, Grzina, Liznjan, Muntić, Pješčana uvala, Rakalj, Valbandon...

Medulin (Pula):
Medulin is a lovely region on the southern coast of the Istrian peninsula. It occupies about 29, 35 km2 and it has about 6.500 residents in villages located mostly along the coast. Magnificent beaches offer to foreign and local guests all the facilities for pleasant vacation. Other charming villages nearby are Banjole and Pomer.

Krnica (Pula):
Krnica is a charming little village in Istria with 300 inhabitants only 20 km from Pula. It belongs to the comunity of Marčana and it is situated about 195 m above the sea level. The port of Krnica is located on the coast, well under the village. It is ideal for all who search for a peaceful location. Places nearby are Kavran, Peruski, Pavićini...

Marčana (Pula):
Marčana is a lovely little town located about 15 km from Pula. Stone houses, rural architecture and remains from antique and prehistoric period are the traits that adorn this charming town. Here you can enjoy the nature and do many sport activities like riding, mountaineering… Sea is very near.

Štinjan (Pula):
Štinjan is located on the south-western part of Istria, only 7 km from Pula, in a beautiful Štinjan bay. It is mentioned for the first time as Astinianum during the roman period when it was an agricultural property. Later, the village was named Astinian and Stiniano, and under the Italian government - Stignano. It is a peaceful village, ideal for family vacation. The main beach is located nearby but the place has also many coves for exploration.

Vinkuran (Pula):
Vinkuran is a village on the south-western part of Istria, only 4 km form Pula. Its inhabitants are mostly immigrants. In Vinkuran you will find a beautiful beach, hidden by pine trees. Here you will find peace, tranquility and relaxation, clear sea and beautiful beaches, while the vicinity of Pula offers other numerous possibilities for entertainment. Today majority of inhabitants have apartments for tourists. Every summer a manifestation called Vinkuran takes place – it is a night of entertainment, music, good food and delicious specialties. Numerous exhibitions, concerts and carnival festivities take place in Vinkuran as well.

Sveta Katarina (Pula):
Sveta Katarina (it. Scoglio Santa Catarina) is an island situated near the islands of Saint Andrija and Uljanik. It is second by size in Pula golf and long ago it was bought by an Austrian nobleman who had built his holiday houses and gardens here. During the Yugoslav government it was occupied by military navy which built few buildings for educational and diving purposes. Today, it is a very romantic place that can be visited by a regular boat line from Rovinj and it takes only 5 minutes to get there.

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taxi transfer porec taxi transfer porec taxi transfer porec
Poreč was inhabited already in antique times during 2nd century BC. On this small peninsula a roman castrum was built. It was 400m long and 200m wide and today represents the area of the town center. The first tourist guide was printed already in 1845 and it contained a description and pictures of the old town. Noblemen form Austria and Hungary used to visit it regularly since 1866. The most important cultural monument of Poreč is a complex of Eufrasio's basilica dating back to the 5th century and protected by UNESCO from 1997. Today, Poreč is a popular tourist destination – there are many hotels, camping-sites, marines...

Červar – Porat (Poreč):
Červar-Porat is a tourist resort with a large marina for 450 boats. It is only 3 km away form Poreč and there you will find a magnificent beach 1,5km long, surrounded by pine trees and olives. Červar-Porat is an ideal place for all those who prefer peaceful holidays.

Funtana (Poreč):
Funtana is situated 6km north from Poreč. Long ago, during the reign of Romans, most important roads in Istria were passing through Fontana and nearby villages like Valkanela and Mulandrija. Today, Funtana is a little tourist resort.

Kaštelir (Poreč):
Towards north-east, only 12km from Poreč and 244 m above the sea level you will find Kaštelir. It has a magnificent sea view. Due to lovely nature, besides regular tourism, people started to organize agrarian tourism as well. People who prefer peace and tranquility will find all that in Kaštelir.

Tar (Poreč):
Tar is situated 10 km from Poreč, towards western Istria. It is a very small tourist village proud of its fish offer and agricultural fields (vineyards, olive trees...)

Višnjan (Poreč):
Višnjan is situated in the inland, on the western part of the Istrian peninsula, 13 km from Poreč. Lovely nature attracts many people who prefer peace and agrarian tourism which has become more and more important in time. Vine and food specialties from Višnjan are well known so this is an opportunity you cannot miss.

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taxi transfer rovinj taxi transfer rovinj taxi transfer rovinj
Rovinj (tal. Rovigno) is a town on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. Together with Poreč, it represents the most important center of tourism in Istria and the whole Adriatic. Climate and the atmosphere of Rovinj are Mediterranean so guests can visit it and enjoy the tourist offer almost the entire year. In Rovinj archipelago there are 22 islands and islets, among which Saint Andrew and Saint Catherina are the largest and most famous ones. City of Rovinj is a famous tourist destination with an excellent tourist offer that will please foreign and native guests. Locations nearby are: Bale, Rovinjsko selo…

Kanfanar is a lovely little town situated near Rovinj, on 280m above the sea level. It is populated by 500 inhabitants who mostly work in the fields, grow vine grapes and olive trees. This is an ideal location for all those who like the sea – it is only 20 km away. Other charming villages in the vicinity are Krmed and Dvigrad.

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taxi transfer vodnjan taxi transfer vodnjan taxi transfer vodnjan
Town of Vodnjan is situated south-west, only 11 km form Pula and on 135 m above the sea level. It was inhabited during medieval times and it maintained many traits of a medieval rural location. Its population mostly works in the fields, cultivating olive-trees and grapes which represent even today major sources of income. People in Vodnjan have preserved the roman-istrian accent and customs.

Barbariga (Vodnjan):
Village Barbariga is situated 15 km from Vodnjan, in the direction north-west. It got its name after a Venetian nobleman Barbarigo which owned the estates in the region. Today, it is a famous tourist village which accommodates up to 6000 guests. Archeological findings show that the place was inhabited already in the Antique period. The remnants of a roman villa from 1st century were found on the sea-coast, as well as the ones that were part of an oil mill, used for the processing of olives.

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taxi transfer rabac taxi transfer rabac taxi transfer rabac
Rabac is a little fishing village situated near Labin. It is also a famous tourist resort, particularly attractive for its lovely bay and beautiful little beaches. Already two centuries ago it was known as a holiday resort.

Labin is a charming little town situated on the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula. The old city center is concentrated on the little hill, while the other part of the town is spread around it and is called Podlabin. Labin was under the dominion of Venetian republic from 1420 until 1797 and then governed by Austrian monarchy until the 1st world war. Interesting history has left is traits. In the past, Labin was also known as a coal mine but today its major activities are those that concern tourism.

Kršan (Labin):
Kršan is located very near Labin. It is know for agriculture, especially viticulture and vegetable growing. It is a little medieval town which represents and ideal choice for a getaway.

Plomin (Labin):
Plomin is located very near Labin. It is a little and antique village, a favorite destination for lovers of history. Here you may find numerous remnants of antique, roman and medieval culture like chapels, churches etc.

Barban is a little medieval village situated on the south-eastern part of Istria, on a relation Pula-Labin-Rijeka. In the past, it was under the dominion of Venetian republic and then in the 18th century, under the Austrian monarchy. Magnificent nature covers the whole area of Barban – few villages and smaller sites like Hrboki, Sajini.

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taxi transfer umag taxi transfer umag taxi transfer umag
Umag is located 10km form Slovenian border and it is geographically the most western town in Croatia and a famous tourist resort. Beaches, sea and lovely nature are very attractive to tourists which crowd the area during summer time. Besides tourism, agriculture is also very important due to the fertile land so olives and vine grapes grow very easily. Apart from the classical tourism, rural tourism is also very popular. Since 1990, Croatia Open tennis tournament takes place in when many famous celebrities visit the town. Nearby locations are Savudrija, Zambratija...

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taxi transfer brijuni taxi transfer brijuni taxi transfer brijuni
Brijuni is a name for a group of islands and a national park located in the western part of Istrian basin. It consists of 14 islands and islets which occupy the territory of 36, 3 km2. All historial events aren't really know but it is affirmed that Brijuni were inhabited 3 thousand year b. C. There are also numerous archeological findings that confirm the presence of numerous invaders. It is a famous tourist destination that offers various facilities, while the visit to the islands is an experience of its kind (ZOO, parks, nature, beaches...)

Fažana is a lovely fishing village situated right in front of the Brijuni islands. It got it name after the Latin name Phasianae and it has 4 thousand inhabitants. Tourism is not really prominent but still, tourists like to visit this charming village. We recommend you to taste the vine and olive oil from the region.

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taxi transfer groznjan taxi transfer groznjan taxi transfer groznjan
Grožnjan is situated in the north-eastern part of Istria and is only 15km from the sea. Its inhabitants are proud of its rich tradition, cultural heritage and the beautiful environment. Friendly hosts will happily offer you homemade wine, brandy, olive oil or istrian prosciutto. Rural tourism is very popular so you will have all the facilities for a very pleasant holiday.

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taxi transfer motovun taxi transfer motovun taxi transfer motovun
Motovun is a medieval town located on the top of a hill – about 277 m. Its aspect has not changed significantly since medieval times. From the old Venetian city square to the very top there are 1.052 steps which make it the longest stairs in Istria. It is a very picturesque town that thrills all its visitors, who while walking its narrow streets and old squares can get the impression of old times.

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taxi transfer novigrad taxi transfer novigrad taxi transfer novigrad
Novigrad is a charming little town that developed on a little island which was connected to the mainland in the 18th century. The history of Novigrad dates back to early 599 while the invasions of numerous peoples have left their impact. Lovely city walls with rounded renaissance towers from 13th century give the town a particular look.

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taxi transfer pazin taxi transfer pazin taxi transfer pazin
Pazin (ital. Pisino) is a little town in the central Istria. It was mentioned in the early 983 as castrum Pisinum according to the fort in Pazin. During the reign of Austrian government (from 1822) Pazin became an administrative center. After the First World War, Italy ruled over the region and consequently has left many traits of its culture, especially its way of living. Other places nearby are Sv. Petar u šumi, Tinj, Žminj…

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taxi transfer svetvincenat taxi transfer svetvincenat taxi transfer svetvincenat
Svetvinčenat is a lovely medieval town situated in the central Istria and surrounded by forests and vineyards. It got its name after the protector Saint Vincent. The renaissance castle Grimiani is completely made of stone and it stands as a symbol of this charming town. Here, during summer various concerts take place. Rural tourism is a very important activity in the region as well as in Svetivinčent. Guests gladly visit this town and its rich cultural heritage. Other nearby villages are Smoljanci and Stokovci.

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